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    2 years ago

    I feel like these photos are getting a little boring, or my breakfasts are. Some kind of brown leftovers, egg on top, haha. I guess I need to remember to always add green onions or something for color but I was really hungry! This is lamb cazuelas from Rick Bayless’s celebrated and supposedly elusive Red O. This blogger (I borrow their photo of the dish) does a good job describing the restaurant, which though shrouded in some sort of mystery, we were somehow able to reserve the huge, gorgeous throne fit for a birthday queen central table for 7 with just a few hours notice. The illusion, I would say, is the aura of exclusivity, not of the level of the cuisine. Everything we had was superb.

    Also pictured, the first use of my silly little poachpod. I finally got proficient at poaching eggs in a water bath but I still hate all the weird strings of protein floating around. I also love soft-boiled eggs, but as mentioned previously, I simply cannot get them right. These will fix both of those problems, and make it much easier to poach, say, four eggs at a time when fixing brunch for wife and company.




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